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In 2015, a group of college friends decided to see how many sneakers they could get donated in exchange for a shirt. That winter break, they were able to collect a sneakers to donate to a local charity and Boy's and Girl's Club. We came up with the idea to give away shirts to encourage more people to donate their sneakers.

        Many in the group have a passion for sneakers, many of us don't know too much about sneakers, but have a passion for art and creating, and then some of us have a passion for engaging and active participation in communities. 

      We combined all of our passions and created an organization to do all three. We built our team and began to host events and drives in order to participate in community activities, teach the sneaker culture, and get members to have an opportunity to create and make new relationships. 

     We mainly host shoes drives on campus, but we also do events, sports events, shows, sneakers conventions and everything in between. Our goal is to get as many sneakers to as many people as we can. Being majorly sneaker enthusiast, it is more than sneakers.

We are passionate about the experience the sneakers bring. The story of the sneaker, how it was made, who is behind the design, the packaging the relationship built camping out for certain are releases, the list goes on. We all like sneakers for different reasons and  what makes the culture unique is we bring these experences together to create a community.

       Our idea is to bring this philosophy to helping build and unite communites. We are all unique and individuals but together there is so much we can accomplish if we bring all of our ideas to the table to work together. 

     Many of us take advantage of the privilage that we have and it blinds us to helping those around us who may need it. Something as small as a pare of sneakers can change someones life if we knew how much it meant to them. Planting the spirit of giving in the youth, helps them to understand that they can be themselves and still care about one an other.  

      We donate sneakers, and encourage others to donate sneakers as well as inspire others to have a positive impact. What started out as something between friends has blossomed into an entire movement that is still growing.