In 2015, we sparked the idea to give away handmade t-shirts with a cool logo to encourage students on college campuses to donate their gently used sneakers for the youth who needed them at our local Boys and Girls Club. Combining our passion for sneakers and our abilities as creatives, we built our team and began hosting events and shoe-drives to merge our commitment to philanthropy, sneaker culture, and the founding of strong community relationships. Our goal is to get as many sneakers to as many people as we can. 

We are passionate about the experience sneakers bring to those invested in the culture. The story of the sneaker, how it was made, who is behind the design, the packaging, the relationship built camping out for certain releases, the list goes on. We all like sneakers for different reasons and what makes the culture unique is we bring these experiences together to create a community.

Our idea is to bring the philosophy of storytelling, sneaker culture, and philanthropy together to help build and unite communities. Many of us take advantage of the privileges that we have and it can hinder us from helping those around us who may need it. Something as small as a pair of sneakers can change someone's life. Planting the spirit of giving in the youth, helps them to understand that they can be themselves and still care about one another.  

We donate sneakers and time to kickstart the drives and encourage others to donate as well, all while inspiring others to strive for making a positive impact in their community. What started as something between friends with a love for sneakers has blossomed into an entire service movement that is still growing. Our mission is to help connect sneaker culture and streetwear fashion with communities around the globe by inspiring individuals to find the hero in themselves, one sole at a time.