If you are a college student at Angelo State University or Prarieview A&M this is a great opportunity for you. If you have a passion for Sneakers, youth culture and fashion and you want an opportunity to use your social skills to help you in your future, this organization is for you. we  provide many opportunities to help give back to the community and have your voice heard and ideas listened to in the process. Not a sneakerhead but want to be involved, not a problem you can still be apart of the organization if you are not into sneakers. This is an opportunity to learn a new culture and help build the community in the process. You will learn team building, time management skills, accountability, and leaderships skills that will help you in your future. Don't worry if our organization is not in your area, we are expanding and will get there soon. If you would like to get involved click the link to the right.  


We need your help now more than ever. Small businesses to big businesses. We pay for and create everything in house.We design and make shirts for those who donate to us and put those donated sneakers in our personalized designed box. As a company, the relationship with the community is vital for growth and it also builds better communication between consumer and product, and consumer and business. We want to extend opportunities for companies to work with us, whether it be through sponsorship or partnership in community events. Building and maintaining positive community interactivity is our goal. We want to reach as many people as we can in the community to bring communities together through local events, fundraisers, community services, and positive exposure. If your company is interested in sponsoring one of our products or events please contact us in the link. Let’s Create and Inspire together.


Our program is a donation driven program. Our mission is to get sneakers to people who need them. The best donation we can get are new to lightly used sneakers in any size from baby shoes to 14,15,16 + in men's. How ever a donation in any capacity will help our organization expand and be able to accomplish more.