Bring Us a Shoe

- Make sure the shoe does not have holes in it and can be re-worn.

- We take sneakers of all sizes, but only sneakers, no flip flops, boots, heels, dress shoes. 

We Place Your Shoe in a iHeartyosneaks Donation ShoeBox

We have iHeartyosneaks donation shoe boxes, recieving a donation is more than just being handed a shoe. As a sneakerhead, part of the joy of shoes comes from the packaging more-so than the shoe. Storytelling a major part of the sneaker culture. This gives an opportunity to combine two worlds. Those who are not so much into sneaker but have shoes to donate have a chance to write an inspiring message or draw a funny picture on the box to add story to the box as well as a shoe for whoom ever receives it. 

You Get a iHeartyosneaks Shirt

The major difference in our organization is that we provide an exchange program, street wear goes hand and hand with sneakers. Our shirts do as much storytelling as sneakers do, with our large, vibrant and colorful logo on the front and motto on the back, people are sure to stop and ask about the shirt, and the best response is telling them about our program and our mission and how you played a part in it. 

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