How do we connect the idea of the sneaker culture into giving back into the community? We make it into an experience and invite everyone to the party! 

iHeartyosneaks has embodied creativity, sneaker culture, and giving back to the community through many outlets. We started with giving shirts for your sneaker donation through shoe drives and social media, but growth was inevitable. We host events, workshops, and much more with the aim of merging these two ideas of culture and community, you cannot have one without the other. 

Our success is a credit to you, our family, friends, and community. With the help of you, we have received and donated more than 3000 sneakers to many of our communities. Buying, exchanging, and talking about our products, our brand, and most importantly our mission, You have participated or been apart of a youth's sneaker experience. That experience is worth more than any monetary value. 

As many things as we have done this may be our most ambitious and with your support to do it, we can fully embody our mission. We are releasing our first full street wear capsule collection to raise funds to get our youth sneakers for Christmas. We want you to be apart of our creative process on project. 

 This capsule represents the reason why iHeartyosneaks started; to help the world one sole at a time, by impacting the communities we live in. 


On December 14 we will be hosting our interactive pop up in partnership with Sole Boutique to celebrate this release and the hard work our team is putting into this as well as collect sneaker donations to be apart of the giveback. With each Sneaker purchased at this event, a shoe will be donated on your behalf in their respective size. 


Supporting this project is not just supporting us, but it is also supporting the community's youth. Be apart of something bigger, help us in our efforts 

We are calling on sponsors and partners for this event. To help us in our efforts to get youth sneakers this Christmas, we need your help. Sponsor a youth today and your donation will be represented as an ornament for out Charitable Tree at our Pop up event.

Let’s fill this tree with sneaker Ornaments!

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